Carpet & Rug Cleaning


Shep’s cleaning uses hot water extraction-- commonly referred to as steam cleaning-- to clean, deodorize, and sanitize all carpets and rugs. It is the #1 recommended method to clean carpets and it will not void your carpets warranty when complete. This the best and most efficient way to remove the toughest stains and odors.



The Process

Our process works by first using our dual motor vacuum to extract any loose soilents before we begin the rest of the cleaning. Then we spray our cleaning chemicals onto the carpets and agitate them them into the fibers to loosen up the remaining soilents. Once the chemicals have had time to break down the soiled areas we use our hot water extraction method to wash and extract additional soilents from the carpet simultaneously. After we have cleaned the carpets it should take approximately 6-8 hours to dry. Once we’ve finished the cleaning process there will be a dramatic difference in not only the look, but also the scent and feel of the carpet.


The Preparation

In advance of your visit from Shep’s, please move any fragile items around the house that are in the working area to prevent damage. Shep’s will move our customers furniture for an extra fee, or we can place them onto styrofoam tabs for air flow and to prevent damage.